Friday, 2 October 2009

Manchester Blog Awards shortlist

For anyone who was visiting Mars yesterday: I'm on the 2009 Manchester Blog Awards shortlist
This has made me very, very happy.

I'm glad that some of the blogs I read regularly are also shorlisted:
Cynical Ben
Forgetting the Time
My Shitty Twenties (twice!)
Dave Hartley’s Weblog
I thought I told you to wait in the car
Big city, little girl

Congratulations everyone!

Thank you to my other reader for nominating me. Thank you to the shortlisters.

This is a photograph of me not being able to skim stones because they are the wrong sort of rock (Millstone Grit). But fate will have to work harder than that to get me down today; I'm on a shortlist and when I've stopped messing I'm going to get ready to travel to Oxford to attend a Continuing Education weekend course called Neaderthals in the 21st Century. It's my birthday and Christmas presents until forever - and that's fine.


Demented Demon. said...

This is an excellent blog too by the looks of things! Keep it up :)

kim mcgowan said...

Thanks for your lovely comment DD

I must calm down a bit now though. I sound like Gwyneth Paltrow gushing away in that post and I've only been shortlisted for goodness sake (I think it's that I've led a relatively sheltered life so far).

I like your photo.


emily josephine mcphillips said...

the blog awards has proved great in finding other good bloggers i'd like to read. i'm glad you like my blog, too :)

Laura said...

Hi Kim,

Congratulations on your nomination!

I'd like to invite you to a bloggers meeting. Really informal, drinks, food, goodies...

Held by Havana Rum to get some feedback on a twitter campaign they are launching.

Date is October 8th - all welcome.

Please e-mail me if of interest.

Kind regards,


kim mcgowan said...

hi Emily

I know, so many wondeful bloggers, so little time...

Good luck I'll be thinking about you.


kim mcgowan said...

hey Laura, are you there?

Thanks for the lovely invite. Only i don't know your email address (clicking on your name hyperlink is giving me an error message I'm afraid. Maybe that's just me. Do get in touch again.

cheers, kim