Tuesday, 7 April 2009

In between testimony to Jim

Jim's hip replacement has dislocated again. It keeps happening and I'm sure it's every bit as agonising as it sounds (he can see the ball of the femur up by his waist when it displaces). I took dominoes to play during a hospital visit. It's best to keep him occupied with a crossword or a game otherwise he has a tendency to keep a loud running commentary going on the relative ailments of the other patients and the ethnicity of the staff and visitors. I announced the fixture on Facebook and Frankie asked me if I won. Well I did, twice. But to be fair he is 85 and he was still coming around from the relocating anaesthetic. She commented that even under those circumstances she'd lose to him in at dominoes and she'd probably choose to challenge him to a running race; she’s a speedy sprinter and still a tad keen on winning. I suggested she might want to reconsider given that in the war in the olden days he was a Royal Marine and, for the moment, his hip joint is back in situ. She concurred but suggested that surely dragging along one of those liquid canister thingies was going to impede him a bit. This is indeed true, on reflection the intravenous tube did also keep knocking his dominoes over. That toppling, added to the effect of the drugs, was probably what gave me the competitive edge, for once. Back to a level playing field tomorrow I suppose.

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